Welcome to SunnySide Soaps!  Handcrafted soaps with silk in every bar.  It is our special ingredient that is sure to wow you with the silky smooth touch it imparts.  We craft our soaps using only all-natural ingredients.  Many commercial soaps have properties that can dry out  and harm your skin.  Using specially selected oils and premium ingredients, we create soaps that do the opposite!  They will replenish and moisturize your skin with the naturally occurring glycerine from the soaping process.

You will not see many bold colors because we do not use processed pigments or oxides to tint our soap.  For coloring, we employ various herbs, spices and clays. The scents are added using essential oils.

About the Owner

Alia Zook, the founder of SunnySide Soaps,  is 11 years old.  She loves mixing things, doing science experiments, pushing buttons, playing with her animals and being in the great outdoors.  A hobby she has picked up along the way is soap making. With her father, she creates handmade soap from all natural ingredients.  They started soap making a few years ago after studying how the early settlers on the frontier made soap.  The settlers made soap by soaking ashes to create the necessary alkaline solution and made tallow and lard for the oils from rendering the trimmed fat from the animals they raised for meat. Alia and her father learned the roots of soap making and soon they were making soap using the cold process method for their own use and gave many away as gifts. Many recipients of their craft say how much they enjoy using their soap.

Watch this short 2 minute video of Alia in her own words telling the story of Sunnyside Soaps. 


Craft Bazaar

Alia giving a soap demo Nov 23 2019 at the Craft Bazaar at the Pleasant View Communities held in the Hoffer Auditorium.  Address: 544 N Penryn Rd Manheim PA 17545 A big thank you to all who attended, and for the invite from the Bazaar organizers!


email: alia@sunnysidesoaps.com

call or text: 717-964-0188

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